Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Update...

Augusta was a blast. It was a good day for a IM 70.3 in Georgia. Unfortunately, I was not able to compete as I am still healing from a strained psoas muscle. It is 95% better now and I am training again. I have my work cut out for me with the next season which I will post on later. Yes, Ironman will happen for me. I have registered and will be competing an Ironman next season and also have more new 2010 sponsorships. Yay! Again, more on that later. Ok, more on Augusta....Rich did well, not as well as he'd hoped though. Training here has been tough to say the least with the weather being horrible most days, and all of the hills. It's hard to get in a good long run when it's all uphill and he paid the price for it on the run course. Anyway, Rich finished Augusta 70.3 with an 8th pro finish and a time of 3:56:26. There were some course cheaters, yes indeed. Rich and Chris Legh were furious about it, as there were NO officals out on the bike course to penalize the offenders. Oh well...guess it happens.

I was excited to meet the Bennetts' in Augusta, Greg and Laura both won that day. Awesome athletes, and also met Chris Legh, nice guy. Even got the funny lesson from Legh how he handles drafters. Very funny! All in all good weekend. Race season is over and next season will be a busy one with many travels. I will post that in the next few days. Getting excited to see everyone compete in Kona, not much longer. Yay!

Happy Tuesday All~

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Brett said...

You must be in Kona now...I wish I could go there, (and compete but thats another dream!) You are an amazing athlete