Thursday, September 10, 2009


Training here is tough. What I wouldn't give for some flat riding, flat just doesn't exist. Not unless we drive 35 minutes south and then it's very hilly. While riding I feel the burn...everywhere. While running I feel the burn...everywhere. And this is where we are rolling....ow!
Swimming, well that's good these days, altitude doesn't seem to really affect me much anymore which is great. Training with Rich is hard... very good, but hard. I'm always following behind...well, that's to be expected anyway. My swimming has improved so much just with proper coaching and well swimming with the coach helps too. A typical training week goes a little something like this....3 swim sets weekly. 3 bikes weekly, 3 runs weekly. I have to stick exactly to my training schedule and can do no less, and no more per coach's instruction...or else.

We have been spending some time kayaking on the river and doing some hiking which is nice. Have been warned of roaming bears and an occasional mountain line but have yet to see either. I have seen lots of chipmunks, coyotes, and turkeys though. Nothing too scary yet!!
Also....can't give enough thanks to Triathlon Lab for all they do. They are a great sponsor and do so much for me. Lloyd is the best. Please check their site out for all you triathlon needs. Also, I am now not only a sponsored Tlab athlete, but also a Triathlon Lab Model as of yesterday. I am very excited and eager to model for Tlab. As you may recall Triathlete Magazine 2009 Swimsuit Edition featured 4 TLab models with one making the cover. So cool. Also, check out Macca's TLab photo shoot. I am very excited and will keep you posted with photos.

Little man's baseball is going well....winning the state championship and loving every minute of it.
Also...niece Maggie is growing so fast. She had her first open water swim last month...see photo.
Then she enjoyed a post swim snack :)
Happy Thursday All....


Haliku said...

Wow! What a whirlwind summer you've had. You forgot to mention if you sleep with that schedule?

The geography geek in me is having a hard time figuring out where you moved. The google mountain pic seems to conflict with the vegetation of the kayak pic. Don't tell yet I'm trying to narrow it down from the clues in your blog. Cheers!

Jen said...

I bet those mountains are beautiful, T!
Enjoy every minute. Life is good. :)

Eric said...

glad to ere that you are having a blast good luck in what ever race you are doing

Tonya said...

Hehe...good luck Haliku! Our kayaking is done 45 mins away from this mountain. Let me know when you figure it out =)

Tonya said...

Thanks Jen and Eric!! It is beautiful here and having a great time. Hope you guys are doing well =)

Haliku said...

I just noticed a link to my blog under Great Reads. Thanks. I don't think its going to the write place as those are my 2008 races etc. Try Cheers!