Monday, May 18, 2009


Ready for the run!

Above life in transition!! It's always a rat race, my life that is. Always busy busy! The weekend was no exception. Well, it never is really. I could not tell you what it feels like to sit down lately. See a movie, watch television, read a book or even cook dinner. Nope, no time for any of that. It's all good though. Busy keeps one young ;)

So, back to above photo...on a whim and on the heels of last weeks 70.3, I decided to do another triathlon this past weekend. This makes 4 races in 4 weeks. As you can imagine, I am pretty tired and am taking a break for a couple of weeks anyway. So, back to the race....

On Saturday, woke up after only 4 hours sleep, my friend Cristal was pounding on the door. Time to go!! She was so excited. She had never been to a race and was so eager to go and watch. Thank goodness for her enthusiasm as I had missed my coffee with oversleeping. So, we headed out, in the rain. Ugh, rain! As soon as we got there, I ran into a friend who had crashed his super sweet Quintana Roo at Croix and ended up with a badly broken thumb. Cristal called me on it as my first question to him was "OMG how is the bike"? Haha...not how are you, how is your hand etc. Funny...well the good news is he is ok. Bike crashes...ugh!

So, set up everything in transition and then walked around for a while. Memories flooded back to my first triathlon after hearing a group of girls standing nervously huddled together talking about this being their first race. I remember once standing in the huddle of nerves and anxiety. It's not a bad place to be. My nerves can still get a little wound up in any race. I remember my first big open water swim, we were standing chest deep in the water, and I looked over to a another girl (whom I had heard previously talking about the different IM races she had done) and told her that I was nervous and asked if she was. She looked at me, smiled I 'll never forget it...she said, "Honey, this water is full of nerves right now, if someone standing here isn't a little nervous, then something is wrong". Hehe...I always remember that, and will always remember my nerves on that very first open water. Anyway, it was nice to see the girl huddle. Good for them for tri-ing!! I couldn't help but to smile as I walked past.
The Swim Battle -Thanks for the photos Cristal!
So...sound off! The swim began, water felt fine. It felt good. Right away I had found a good rhythm, and was not having any trouble at all until a guy grabbed my heel and then pretty much swam right over top of me. Kicking me once in the chops as he ever so gracefully pulled away from me. Nice...well, nerves didn't phase me. Yay! I took the punch and kept going. I caught him, swam on his heels for a good bit and reaped the reward of a nice little draft until the end of the swim.

Out of the water...into transition. A fast one...YAY! Was on the bike in under 2 minutes. No helmet issues this time either. Another yay! So, I sped off and right away could feel the lungs starting to tighten. With the drizzle and the high humidity it did feel a bit suffocating. No worries, I puffed once and then felt ok. I knew of at least two girls that were in my age division that were ahead of me. I was pleased when I caught one and passed her on a climb. I never saw her again during the ride. I actually passed both that were in my age, and held them off until the end, well at least one of them!! The drizzle had stopped which was nice! I was riding as hard as I could go, and barely taking the time to hydrate, as always. I have to continuously force myself to make the effort to take my bottle out and drink, that is if I don't have my aero bottle. Those are in my opinion a god-send. If it's right in front of me and I don't have to make the effort to reach...I am going to drink! Yay for those! Boo for forgetting to take with me on Saturday.

So, the last 3 miles of the bike were interesting. All of the sudden up from behind here she was, one of my AG competitors pedaling like the wind. She passed me. Ugh...I stayed back like a good girl and went to pass her once on the last hill, but she got me in the end. Into T2 and that was speedy as well. Yay! She was right in front and apparently on a mission to kick my arse.
Right away into the run, I could feel that nice nickel sized blister that I earned from the 70.3, start to rub. OW! Where is my moleskin when I need it?? Well, nothing I could do it about then, so just kept going. My goal for the race was a top 10 overall and at least 2nd or 3rd AG. When I was so strong on the bike, I got excited thinking this could be my first win. On the run though, the usual problems began to haunt me and there was just no catching the girl in front of me. No matter how hard I tried, it was a battle the entire run. I could get on her heels and then she would step up and it went like this for the entire run. Running with all I had to the finish, it felt so good! My legs were still tired from the race the weekend before, but it felt good to let go on that last stretch and just give it all I had. It took me a few minutes however, to find my lungs again, but was quite happy for I knew that I had earned 2nd. My competitor came over and thanked for me a great race and she was very nice.After the race, we met and talked with so many interesting people. One guy in particular was very nice offering much needed nutrition info. He is a doctor and has done 22 Ironman races. Very knowledgeable guy. It's so great to meet people at these events, and learn so many useful things. After the awards ceremony, it was straight to the shower.

My friend had come to visit from Texas and was having an engagement party. I hadn't seen some of these girls in probably 15 years so was very excited. We ate, drank, laughed and it was so much fun. True friendships never die, no matter how many years go by. These girls were a reminder of that.
Caleb had tourneys yesterday in the rain, and unfortunately his team came in 3rd for the day. The are the #1 team in the nation in U8, so as you can imagine, it was a tough pill for them to swallow, even at 8 years old. I want Caleb to understand, that he can't win them all, at some point there will be someone bigger, faster and stronger. What is important and it may take a while for an 8 year old to understand, but what is important is going in, giving it your absolute best, and walking away with your head held high, knowing you gave it your all. We're working on that!

Back to the regular routine of work this week. Travels again coming up in 2 weeks. Write more about that later...

Happy Monday All :)

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