Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It has been a few days since my last post, and there is much to tell. Not sure that I have the time to tell all, but will recap and do my best.
First of all....I am pleased to announce that I have a new sponsor for 2009. They are awesome :) I am joining the Racing Team for Triathlon Lab as a sponsored athlete. I got the news last night, and I couldn't be more thrilled. If you recall this months issue of Triathlete Magazine. The cover was a Triathlon Lab sponsored athlete and many more were featured in the issue. Yay! I will be receiving free Triathlon Lab Gear- Triathlon LAB "RacerX" race suits, Tri LAB designed Rocket Science Sports wetsuit, Helmet, clothing, etc. I am very excited to join their team and look forward to an exciting season with Triathlon Lab. Many thanks Lloyd!!

Back from Florida and have been super busy trying to get ready for this weekends 70.3. Upon my return, I went right back to training. I took the day off on Friday. I had planned on doing a long brick on Saturday and received a call Friday night about a metric century early on Saturday morning. I agreed to do it, thought I could make it a great long brick. What I did not realize is that is was solid climbing!! I have not spent time in the saddle on the Specialized lately. I think about 4 weeks or maybe more. I have been spoiled and loving the P2 so much, it's hard to go back to roadie. Anyhoo, once I was told of the climbing, I pulled out the Specialized and headed out for the long ride. The clouds were pretty fierce and thought it would drop loads of rain on is. Fortunately, it held off until the afternoon. So, all was great the first 4 miles and then we started the monster climb. That's when the pack fell apart. I fared well though. Loved it when reached the top and enjoyed the sweet reward on the back side. WOoooo...
Loved this at the top of the steepest climb

Yikes...Clouds looked fierce!

Friends Brian and Master BillAfter the ride, I did exactly what I had planned to do, even though I was pretty darn tired. I changed quickly, put on my running shoes and took off. I got in a pretty decent 6 mile run and was soaked after. The humidity has found it way back here already!

On Sunday, Caleb had a tourney and again they won all four games. His team is #1 in the U8 Nations League and are going to the world series. Yay! He loves it, I love that he loves it! Very exciting :) Between games, I got in an easy run. It was so hot and humid out on Sunday. Made breathing a little difficult. After the games, it was time for dinner at my parents. I got to see my whole family and it had been a while. It was a nice visit and a great way to end the weekend.

This week I have been focused on preparing for this upcoming race and tweaking my schedule. I have changed it to include Buffalo Springs Lake next month. Also, still tentative, but possibly adding Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island in July. Busy times ahead, and am looking forward to all of it. Again, I am thrilled to be a part of Triathlon Lab, and am ready for a great season ahead. The biggest change to my schedule comes bittersweet. I have been very eager to tackle Ironman this November. After much discussion with a trusted friend and coach, I am considering holding off on Ironman until Spring of next year.He feels that I should focus on 70.3 distance this year, and after much thought, arm twisting, etc...I am most likely going to hold off on 140.6 until Spring.

That's a recap for now...time to go play in the water~

Happy Wednesday All~

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Haliku said...

Congrats on the sponsorship! The more I read various Tri posts the more I think I'll be training for one soon. Also try to stay away from using the ambulances at the races...glad it worked out. Cheers!