Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So...finally on Monday I was able to go for a nice long ride on the velo. The weather was beautiful and warm! The trees are in bloom and everything is turning so green. Ah, it was nice to be out and ride. I ended up with a little over 2 hours and loved every second of it. You know I have to say, a bike really can make a difference. I rode much faster and felt more comfortable on this bike than my roadie. I am so pleased that I bought this bike and am looking foward to many many miles on it beginning this weekend in Charleston. YAY!
After the ride, I went for a nice swim workout. Got in a little over an hour in the water and then went home completely exhausted. My hip is still tender, so low mileage on the running still. Yesterday I got in a few miles before it started to give me pain. Still trying to work it out though.
I am debating adding another race to the schedule in August. The 5430 Long Course is still open and I am thinking about it. Better act fast though if I want will close up quickly I'm sure. Missing Colorado and that would make at least 2 visits for me during the summer if I decide to do that one. Decisions decisions :)
Happy Wednesday All~

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