Thursday, April 16, 2009


The dreaded to do's huge! Well, it seems I have procrastinated long enough and now I will be leaving for sunny Florida in only a week. Oh my, St. A's is 9 days away! YIKES! At any rate, I realized yesterday that I need to get busy! I need to get the race wheels set up, yes, they are still in the box! Need to get the bike packed up. Need to pack my clothes/ gear, all my things...try to make sure and not forget something. I really despise packing. I am not a good packer that's for sure. I ALWAYS pack heavily. I just can't help it. Oh, I have tried to travel light, but that just never works out for me. So, the task is on. I have made a vow with myself to at least try and pack smart/light(er). I'll let you know how that goes ;) Need to get a rush on the passport as well this week. I am still on the fence about the camp in Lesvos, but I am at a good 60/40 in favor of it at the moment. We'll see---time is running out.

Let's see, Monday was rainy, so I went to spin class after work. It was great!! I absolutely love it! After losing 4 lbs of sweat ;), I made my way to the pool for a workout. I ended up with a pretty solid swim and was quite tired after the workout. I am getting a little anxious for that St. A's swim coming up!! On Tuesday, I got in a good run and unfortunately, I am still having a little pain in the hip from time to time. I do hope that this will stop giving me trouble soon. I have really held back from doing long runs and I need to get back with it. It's getting there...slowly, that couldn't be age now could it?! ;)

Yesterday, another swim. My time was off, but I felt good in the water. I think a lot while running and cycling, but in mind is constantly going. I think I have become bored with pool swimming, and now try to think of anything to take my mind off of the repetitive laps. I am sooo ready to get out in the open water! It's been 6 months and next weekend will be my first OWS since October. The lake temps here should start to warm up soon, I hope. In May, I hope to get back in the lake for training. Yay!

This evening I plan on a nice ride, then run. The rest. The weekend looks to be busy!! I am super super excited about all the events coming up! YAY!

Happy Thursday All~

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aowens75 said...

Do I need to come help you pack? lol