Thursday, April 9, 2009


On Monday I decided to stick to my swim workout. I was a little tired from the weekend and the long travels. Caleb wanted to go with me and swim too, so off to the pool we go! As soon as we got there, we could see a commotion and they ran out a placed a big sign.."POOL CLOSED". UGH! I went in to ask what was going on and apparently a girl had, well, had a major accident right there in the smaller pool. Yes, the #2, right there the water! Oh my! MY MY MY! The small pool was closed, so there goes little mans swim, and because of the 'contamination', the lap pool was packed with tons of kiddies playing everywhere!! Oh well....

Tuesday I did get my swim workout it. After an hour and 30 in the water, I ended up running on the treadmill for another hour. It felt great! When I left the gym, it was snowing. This crazy was 75 on Sunday and snowing on Tuesday! BRR! Yesterday, I got in a quick run and then took the rest of the evening off. This evening is more swimming and running. Tomorrow, the plan is a long brick! I can't wait! I am so excited about St. Anthony's!! Only 16 more days...WOO!

Not much else to report...the weekend is near :) YAY!

Happy Thursday All~

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