Thursday, April 2, 2009


Charleston...I am ready :) Yes, I'm leaving again tomorrow with one of my best pals for the coast of SC!! Charleston is such a beautiful place and I am so anxious to get there. I have many friends who are heading down as well. I'm excited for racing, and getting to see some good friends for a great weekend. There are over 40k people attending the event. It will be the largest, by far that I have ever raced in. The hip, well, it's feeling a little better each day. I ran yesterday and it was pain free for the first few miles and then it started to ache. Not the sharp pains that I had been having before though, thankfully. Plans are go for now to run on Saturday. Hip please cooperate. Fingers crossed!!

Below are some pics of from last year's events. As can see from the photos....WOW, that's a lot of people running over that bridge. Should be interesting to say the least.The metric half century will follow on Sunday and I am very excited for that too.
Happy Weekend All~

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