Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Wow...there were a lot of people in Charleston this weekend! My friend Amanda and I got there on Friday and the weather was perfect! We ended up goofing off until 2 am which made the 6:15 am wake up call, pretty tough. We headed out to the course, the sun was out and the temps were wonderful. We had trouble getting into the pack. 40,000 people....WOW!! we squeezed our way into the starting line about 5 minutes before the gun went off. Running...there was no running in this race, well at least not the first mile or maybe more. It was shoulder to shoulder, and as soon as I would squeeze through for a pass, then I would get clogged up behind more people. Finally it started to open up after 2 miles. The run went well after I got through the beginning and I had a pretty decent finish considering the number of people. My hip started to hurt a little around mile 4 but nothing major. It is healing and I think that I should be a-ok for St. A's :)

After the race, we saw much of the city and had some of the best food!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Charleston. It is so beautiful and rich with history. It is also called "The Holy City" due to the number of churches throughout the city and wow...they were so beautiful.
On Saturday night we met up with friends and headed out downtown Charleston. We decided on an authentic Irish restaurant. Imagine that ;) Tommy Condons...it was fabulous!! I enjoyed a fine dinner of salad and the best Irish Potato Chowder!! After some great Bia from the Proinnteach ;) We enjoyed some jolly Irish fun and laughs and then headed out again. The streets of Charleston were even more beautiful at night. We had so much fun!! We headed in around 1 am, and were so exhausted. I had another early wake up call for the half century on Sunday.

Clock went off again....6:15 a.m. We headed out to Daniel Island for to the event. I was soooo excited for it too! A friend of mine was there and we started in the middle and before the first half mile we were in front. I was cruising on the P2. I cannot believe the difference this bike makes. My friend Brian is a pretty strong cyclist and so he eventually took the lead. I remained solo 'ish' up until around 14.when BAM...here the came! The group was working together obviously. Something that I did not want to do. Can't do it in racing, not going to do it on this day in training. I let them go around, well I had no choice. For two miles I stayed behind and waited for my turn. Finally, I went around and stayed in the female lead. At the turn around, there is was...a headwind. I fought against it for the next 25 miles and actually finished well. I was first female to finish with a time of 2:32:11. I was pleased with the outcome and was pretty tired after that. The Cervelo did me well! I love it! We ate some lunch, took showers and headed out on the road for the long journey home.

The weekend was great but it sure was nice to get home. 3 weeks to go before I leave again for Florida and St. A's. Training will resume tonight with a run and swim. Gotta love it :)
Happy Tuesday All~


Jen said...

Yes, gotta love it!
Congrats on a GREAT ride! Awesome!

aowens75 said...

Always have a fun time w/ you sista! Can't wait to do it again...Irongirl isn't too far away!

Laura said...

What a great weekend! Glad to hear you had so much fun! Good luck at SA in a few weeks.