Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, after so much needed rest, I am feeling much better. My energy is back, legs feel so much better, and today I will start training again. In the water that is. It's been a full week since I had my last swim and I am so anxious to get back to it.

Next up on the schedule is Cooper Rive Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. That is next weekend. I hope the legs will feel good enough to get in a few good runs before then. I am looking forward to it. Charleston is a beautiful place. There are 40,000 participants in this event, and I think it will be the largest by far that I have competed in. On Sunday, the day after the run, I will do a half century there in Charleston as well. I'm going to put that Cervelo to good use!!

Two weeks after Cooper River, I will be flying to Florida to do St. Anthony's Tri in St. Petersburg. Two weeks after St. A's, is my half ironman. begins! I am tweaking my schedule a little as well, and am considering an invitation from a very nice coach, to his tri camp in Lesvos Greece in May. It's for one week and looks like fun. Again, this is under consideration as I have to see how I can fit it into my life schedule.

So, life is pretty busy these days with all of that, plus Caleb has started back with baseball. Remember last year they qualified for Worlds and this year they are even more competitive. Should be a great year for the Gators. Caleb is actually playing on two teams, the travel team and the rec team. He dearly loves it and I am so proud to see what an outstanding little athlete he is. What makes me even prouder is that he was nominated and accepted into the Academically Gifted Program at school. YAY! I will say without hesitance that no matter what level of athlete that anyone is, having knowledge and being educated is far more superior, at least that's my opinion. I want Caleb to first and foremost always use his mind, then his athletic ability. Currently, he is doing just that. He is something :)

Not much else to report. Just sitting here on a cold rainy Wednesday dreaming about warm tropical places hehe! Looking forward to this evening's swim and and a ride tomorrow. Then brick over the weekend~ Life is good :)

Happy Wednesday All~

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Jen said...

Life IS good! I always is not always easy, but life is always good...