Friday, February 20, 2009


The bag, the lovely tri bag...always full, always ready for the next workout. My SUV looks and smells like a locker room. I have to do laundry much to often it seems. I read somewhere that laundry is the 4th discipline in the sport haha! So true. Not only that, but I find myself having to purchase too many swimsuits these days. The last one lasted a whole 2 months. Honestly, I can't imagine any of it any other way though. It's just something that you get used to. I love it therefore, I don't mind. Just like to tease about it. It's funny....I can leave for work in the morning and forget my cell phone, laptop, etc, and can live with that, but what I can't live without is my workout 'stuff' haha!

The rundown of apparel in my daily routine....Get dressed for work (Outfit #1) When it's time for a workout...(Outfit #2.) Usually if it's cycle class, I'm drenched after and change into something dry for the run (Outfit#3) After the run and shower (Outfit#4) to wear home. Usually on swim nights, I can cut that down to 3 outfits for the day, but add in the swimsuit and wet towels. Also, add the number of water bottles that I accumulate in my vehicle,and not to mention what happens to G2 after it's left in a water bottle for a few days and how hard is to get that stuff out. Seriously...what is that?! You all know what I'm talking about. It's disgusting! So, lots of washing clothes and bottles. That's a workout in itself hehe!
Ok, moving on....Wednesday after work, I went for a 6 mile run in the cold. Yes, it's cold again. Seems like our little spring teaser is gone and now it's back to brrr! After the run, went to spin class and by the end of it, I thought that my quads were going to explode. Isolation's at max intensity...way too many times for my poor legs. Since the weather has been warm, I have been riding outside and getting in the cycling classes too. Seems on Wednesday, once I got home, I was fully aware that I had overdone it. Again. OUCH! Thank heavens for The Stick. That's all I have to say! Not sure what I would do without that little piece of joy. It helps me get through some's great!! if any of you don't own one of these, and your legs get sore, then I highly recommend it!

Yesterday, I told myself...SWIM ONLY! Yea, ok, whatever!! I got the gym after work, and the lap pool was closed for a few hours for a repair. NICE! GREAT! Well, I was already there, and as always had a stash of workout clothes in the car. Spin was to start in 10 minutes, a little pressure from some other cyclist's for me to JUST DO IT , and I found myself saying sure, why not, even though my quads were screaming and pleading-- NO, NO, NO!! At least the pool will be open by the end of spin, I thought. May as well just do it. So, I did and the funny thing is...thankfully we only did a couple isolation's. The rest consisted of several sprints and climbs and it actually worked my quad soreness out. The class was great, and I felt full of energy after and was thankful that my legs were good. I changed and headed straight for the water. My swimming is great now. I want to swim more and more these days. It no longer takes me time to get into a rhythm. It just comes. I can tell my endurance has gotten so much stronger. Must be all the miles I've been logging or something. Anyway, after 2200 yds a fellow triathlete came in to do laps. He is pretty solid and it ended up being a nice friendly challenge that kept me going strong for another 2000. Those one arm drills have really helped my strength in the water. Pleased with my swim time, but tired from a long workout, I changed into outfit #3 and headed home. Today...I am resting. Nada...nothing, just resting. Caleb has basketball this weekend and in between his games and some fun time with him, I will get in my long ride and run.

Other than that...hey, it's Friday! Happy Weekend All :)


Megan said...

Have you ever tried a polyester swim suit??? I find chlorine seems to have a tougher time destroying them vs. the spandex kind...

Megan said...
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TriT said...

Hehe...oops! I accidentally posted but then took it right back down lol! Anyway, I'll see you on fb ;)

Thanks for the advice...I will have to check into the polyester suit. A new suit every 2 months is driving me nuts!

:)Thanks again!

jahowie said...

Stupid Spring teaser. I was getting used to NOT freezing my butt off, and now it's right back in the teens again!! Why in the world do we live in cold states?!?! LOL

Haliku said...

LOL! Besides water bottles in my SUV I can also collect a bunch of travel coffee mugs... Gotta enjoy the CO weather while we have it. Running in shorts and t-shirt in March at night even helps cut down on the laundry this week. Cheers!