Wednesday, January 21, 2009


These are books I'm currently trying to read. Yes, not one...but 5! What am I thinking?!
I love to read, well I used to love to read that is. When I had time. Down time, what is that? Well, I have recently started to try to take time to read again. I have discovered that this is the best way to fall asleep after a long day. Just open a book and BOOM, out like a light. Ok, ok...I at least get in a few pages before falling asleep. Another thing, when I decide to read, I don't just pick up one book. No, not me! I actually start to read two or three at a time. See above photo...these are the books I am currently reading at the moment. ADD?? Maybe ;) Nah, I just get bored easily! It's nice to mix it up...I think?! At any rate, I am trying. We'll see how it goes.

One of the books that I'm almost finished reading is called A Mans Life by Mark Jenkins. Very good book. Yes, the title... A Man's Life, and when I picked it up, I though hmmm...maybe it's a guy book. Well,not so much about guy stuff! It's about adventure...about JOURNEY'S, about living! Quite the life!! One full of journeys that I would love to go on someday ;) The adventure, that's what captured my attention. Mark Jenkins has spent his life seeking out and exploring the world’s most remote wonders--from mountain peaks to isolated villages, dangerous rivers to war-torn nations. Along the way he has not only experienced adventure that most of us will never know, but has also learned rich, complex lessons about himself and the nature of the world. A Man’s Life shares Mark’s journeys through Afghanistan, Burma, Bhutan, Uganda, Lithuania and dozens of other countries. Great read! Highly recommended read if you are an adventurer at heart.

This is what made me buy the book, standing in the bookstore... I flipped right open. Page 13-- "We all have a place we dream about. We have visited it without ever having set foot there. It's someplace far away, someplace exotic. Although, we've never seen it, we know what it looks like, for we half-created it, using a book we read and when we were ten, something we overheard, and one of the unforgettable images from a slide show. This is enough. Like a child in the backyard with a refrigerator box, a bread knife, and crayons, we've fashioned the dream of a place to which we've never been but long to go. We carry it with us in the back of our minds. It's our private dream. The way a tomboy keeps a smooth stone in her pocket, we don't share it with just anybody. It's not a place anyone else would necessarily want to go. As we grow up, this enchanted outpost can disappear inside of us, if we let it. But most of us are able to hold onto our magical place, filling in the blank spaces with facts and images we pick up along the way. Then one day something happens. The trigger may be obvious or unconscious-no matter. The time has come to find this place in the flesh."

Just like Mark says in the book, "This place may not be where anyone else would want to go." I want to share with you my place....Tanzania, Africa. Since I was 14, I have dreamed of living and working in Tanzania. I also want to climb Kilimanjaro while there, and someday...I WILL! So, there you have it. Good book. One that certainly reminds us to take that JOURNEY! You can, I can, anyone can. Life is short..The journey is what makes it grand :)

As far as living in reality today...after work, spin class again. 10 degree's outside this morning, I just can't bear to get outdoors to workout. Last night, I ran for 30 minutes. Legs were still tired from the weekend, then I got in a 2 mile swim. Eager to spin it out today! WOO!

Happy Wednesday All~


Jen said...

I love your attitude!! I feel so much the same! I also love to read, but find there are not enough hours in a day. I will pick up that book. I see you have The Daily Cayote...very good book. YOu should pick up Merle's Door, another good one. Also, 1)Modoc and 2)Zamba by Ralph Helfer!! Those are two of my all-time favorites!! The kind of book that really sticks with you and somehow changes you on some level. You will absolutely adore them, especially because of what you said about Africa. They are true stories and the man who wrote them is a Safari Guide in Africa now - he loved the place too. Let me know.

TriT said...

Awww... thanks so much for the book recommendations Jen. I bought Merle's Door last week, and it's on the "to read" list ;)The others that you mentioned sound absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to find them. Thanks again :)

jahowie said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT read Michael Phelps book "Beneath The Surface". Talk about a spoiled brat!! Wow!! LOL

IronGambit said...

Try reading the Kite Runner! You'll love it, I promise!

Jen said...

Actually, I don't know if you noticed or not, but the same guy who wrote Out There (which I see in your pic) wrote Merle's Door. Let me know how you like Out There because I have been wanting to read it.

Stuart said...

If you're drawn to the 'journey' book try Zen and the art of motorcycle'll take you place you've never been before!