Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's very cold out today and the rest of the week looks to be even colder. At least we don't have the moment! Stay warm everyone!

As far as training, I have been doing quite a bit of it lately. After the soreness left my legs (finally), I was back on Tuesday. After work, I went out for a nice arctic run for a little over an hour. I had a great run, but think my nose may have possibly ran faster than my legs. It's been a cold week. After the run, I went to the pool. What's better than being frozen, then putting on a swimsuit and jumping in cold water?!? Ah....soothing! Maybe to a polar bear ;) It was only frigid for a few minutes and I swam a couple of laps to warm up. Once I unthawed, I started my swim. It went really well. Right away got into a rhythm and it really felt great. After 40 laps or so, I ended up sharing the lane with another swimmer. He was pretty solid, and I loved having the challenge. I think I actually prefer having someone else in my lane, and have even started asking people to hop in and share. I swim better and faster. Swimming 5k's all alone can get rather boring!! Open water training begins the first of April. Looks like we have a new swim group for 7am OWS's! Yes, still cold in April, should be fun. Anyway, back to the swim...after everyone else had left the pool, I was still going. I did the 5k and I felt great after. Yay for a great Tuesday workout!

Yesterday, I decided I would go back to spin class. Right away the instructor began at full tension climbing. Climbing, climbing, running, hovering, climbing at max....well, you get the picture. This was an intense class. I swear it felt like we had climbed Everest by the time we were finished hehe! We only sprinted 2x. Sweet reward coming down that mountain I suppose! Drenched and tired, I headed to the locker room to change into some dry running clothes. A couple of my friends wanted more torture as well, so we headed to the dreadmills. My legs actually felt great! I got in 5 miles and then decided to call it a night. I think I burned a lot more calories that I consumed yesterday, so right now I am eating a yummy Hershey bar. So, bring on the food!!!!!!!

Tonight...yea yea, I know, I said no more spin on consecutive days, BUT I think I will do it again this evening. April's classes are more sprinting than climbing so I think I will give it a go again. I hope the weather gets better so I can get on the Cervelo next week. After spin, I plan on swimming again. Not sure how long or what distance but plan on an easy one.
Happy Thursday All~


BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh, your training sounds like you belong at this camp with us!
STAY warm and reading your post only made me more cold... I could not imagine getting into open water NO WAY, not any time soon unless it is Hawaii :)

TriT said...

Hehe...I wish I were at camp, looks awesome, and I do need some structure for sure ;) I agree about the cold water, I am dreading it, but kind of ready for a change :)Brrrr!

jahowie said...

That is a cool picture of the squirrel. Your working your tail off. You are going to have a great season if we ever thaw out!! LOL!! Stay warm and keep up the good work!!