Monday, December 29, 2008


It's Monday and back to business. It has been wild since my last post. With Christmas and everything, I didn't slow down much, and here I am feeling tired this morning and wondering how I can sneak in a nap hehe! All I need is some nice strong coffee and I'm good to go ;)

Christmas was amazing. I love Christmas and the special times that I was able to share with my loved ones. Caleb certainly had a good Christmas, as usual, getting all the goodies he had hoped for. Christmas certainly kept me busy. On Friday, I finally was able to make time for some trail running. The temps warmed up, but the rain remained. 2 weeks of this stuff and I feel like I am living in Seattle. UGH! Well, at least the sun is out today..yay! The run was great. I needed to exert some bottled up energy. Last week, I was unable to get many workouts in due to the hustle and bustle.

On Saturday, my best friend bought us all tickets (club level hehe) tickets to the Menieke Bowl. Let's just say, NICE! Heated leather seats, scrumptious food...couldn't have been more fun...even though our beloved team lost by one!
On Sunday...a little r& r, but not much. Went back to see family once again before the weekend was over. I had to see my niece Maggie, who by the way is starting to walk now at 8 months. She is a feisty one ;) Finally, bed at 1am. Now here I am.

Other than's just Monday :)
Happy Day All~

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