Wednesday, December 31, 2008


~Cheers and Happy New Year to you~
'Sláinte!Athblian shona duit!

Just a little inspiration on the eve of a New Year :)

Keep learning, enjoy the simple things, laugh often, laugh long and loud. Surround yourself with love. Cherish your health. Don't take guilt trips. Tell people you love, that you love them...often. Live your life. Expand your mind. Follow your dreams. Listen to your heart, go it where it leads. Have faith. Remember your blessings. Life shows exactly what you want to see. Life showers exactly what you want to feel. Life tells exactly what you want to hear, if you know what you want, then, go and grab it. Always remember that in any life, a little rain must fall." We are defined by our opportunities." "Live with intention, walk to the edge." "Live a life of bold and courageous action inspired by powerful dreams."Make your life an adventure." "Life is a JOURNEY...enjoy the journey" :)

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year ~

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