Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wednesday already! Yowsa! Well, this week sure is flying by. It was sooo cold this morning, it made it hard to get out of bed. 16 degree reading on the thermometer! BRRR! Thankfully, no snow today and the temps have warmed a bit since 7am.

Yesterday, I managed to get in a really good run. It felt great. I have been taking some time off and actually performance has improved. Hey, maybe the "off season" may just prove to be beneficial after all. After the run, I did jump in the pool. WOW, the water was cold last night. I did get in an easy mile in the water. Pressed for time, I ended on that. Tonight, I plan on running again :)

Other than that...same ole same. Christmas is creeping up. 21 days to go. YIKES! Is anyone else procrastinating with their Christmas shopping?!?!? I can't seem to get started and I am running out of time. I really need to get with it! DANG! Ok, back to work!

Happy Wednesday All~

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jahowie said...

Yikes is right!! It warmed up to 37 here today and it felt like a heat wave. Have a safe trip to TN!! :-)