Monday, December 22, 2008


Today, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a new friend. It came out of the blue, and was almost to unreal to be true. She is a very soulful person, and after reading her thoughts, I was simply amazed. I was reminded in a flash, of someone dear, that passed away from cancer a couple of years ago. Someone who was so young, and never got the chance to fulfill her journey. This person to day reminded me of my friend, and I want to share a part of something that she wrote....

This is a quote from her......"What I have been thinking about the past few weeks is that it is funny that so many people in life focus on the destination. On the "arrival". When I think that the fun part is the "getting there". It is the journey that makes life worthwhile. Life is like a map. With all these places that you have yet to visit. Yet to reach. A point that you strive to arrive at. And the journey, and the beauty in that journey, is where the substance of life lies. The stumbles that you make along the way. The unexpected places you end up, the turns that show you things you haven't seen before. The people that teach you things you didn't know. The colors that are extensions to the ones you have always known. But, they are brighter, more vibrant. Electric. It is the stuff you get along the way that makes it your own. YOUR story"
"I feel like it is my duty to show people the journey. To help them see the beauty in the journey. That life is all around them waiting to be lived. To be touched. Felt. Experienced. Embraced. That you can make a difference everyday, if it is only as small as putting a smile on someone's face. Picking up a piece of trash on the ground. Opening the door for a stranger. Sharing a sunset or an amazing dinner with someone you care about. That is making a difference. Everyday someone makes my day. For the smallest things. For an email that makes me smile. A song that I hear that reminds me of a good memory"

Good stuff huh?

She touched my soul today with her words. You know, it is the unexpected gifts that we receive that truly delight our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Today, her words, were a gift to me. I know this is deep,and most of my closest people that are reading, know what a deep thinker I am. It's not a curse I assure you, but rather a gift. At least that's what my mother always says :) Seems, lately, I have forgotten some things, lost sight of some things. It's not hard to do in life's hustle and bustle. But, in a flash, a moment comes along, and you are stopped right there in your tracks. In those moments, you really pause and take a look at things. All of the sudden, you see, you can visualize once more. We live our lives every day, the routine of each day, at the end of those we pause to be thankful.? Do I pause? Do any of us pause? How many times do we? Or do we at all? You know, I do pause to be thankful, but I still lose sight of those things from time to time. I think sometimes little blessings are taken for granted, the people in our lives that gives us love and encouragement, faith and happiness. For the first time today, in a while, I stopped...the routine, broken. I stopped, and I really thought about the gifts in my life. I am truly blessed. We all are. If you think about it. So, DO think about it. Stop for a moment. What in your life is important to you? What things, people, places? It's good to remember. In parting, I leave with these words that are on my mind and in my heart. I have heard them many times from loved ones along my journey...Don't forget to smile, love, laugh, live, be gracious, be kind, be thoughtful, be strong, stand tall, be thankful and most importantly don't forget your dreams. I am thankful for my journey and thankful that I have the love of friends and family to hold close in my heart every step of the way.

Too all that I love....thank you :)
May love fill everyone's heart this Christmas season~


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Laura said...

That must be why your blog is titled 'The Journey', no?

Thanks for this! What another great reminder of the real focus of this season - LOVE.