Monday, November 17, 2008


Caleb Fall Hiking :)

Fall is gone....Winter is here! It's coooold out! BRR! Temps are barely above 30 and tomorrow's high...29! We had snow over the weekend and snow is in the forecast again tomorrow. I love it!

The weekend was good. On Friday after dinner, I made my way to the gym for another treadmill run. It was a decent run, nothing major. On Saturday, my friend and I decided to take a day off for shopping!! We had a blast!!! It ended up being a long shopping day...6 hours to be exact. After that, was pretty well worn out, so no workout on Saturday. On Saturday night, the moon was out and gorgeous. I loaded up the tripod and headed outside. When I opened up the back door, much to my surprise a black bear was out there. It took off running as soon as I opened up and started to step out though. Wish I had gotten a pic, but had camera and tripod in hand, and he was just to darn quick. I did manage to capture a pic of the moon though. Check it out...
Sunday... I finally slept in! Once up and moving, I finished up some much needed chores and then went out for a 10 mile run. It was cold and 40 mph winds didn't help much. The run was actually good though. I was frozen like a popsicle by the end!

After the freezing run, we made our way to my parent's house for dinner. It was yummy as always!! Thanks mom :) My whole family was there and it was nice seeing everyone! Especially my niece Maggie...she is something ;) Not much else to report, it's Monday~ YAWN! Happy Monday All~

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