Thursday, October 9, 2008


Busted! See what lurks in the apple trees around here?!? HEHE! Isn't he cute? Gotta love the bears.
I haven't seen one while working out since August, but I can feel the eyes on me as I run the trails ;) Not really but I am sure they are in there hiding. I'm not really afraid of them, they seem to be much more scared of us than we are of them.

Yesterday was another cold rainy day here. I really miss my bike. I decided last night to head to the gym for a good run on the dreaded treadmill. UGH! I was surprised though, I actually had a great run. I paced myself with a strong runner that was beside of me on another treadmill, and really got a good workout. I had planned to swim after, but ran out of time. I hope to get in the water tonight. I am planning on a really looooong ride on my lonely bike this weekend. I sure hope we have good weather.

Other than that...looking ahead to next year. I have many 70.3's that I am trying to put on the board for '09. I see travels ahead in my future...YAY!

See....we have more than just bears up in the trees.
Isn't he beautiful?!

Happy Thursday All~

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