Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We have our first snowfall of the season!!! It is so beautiful out this morning. I grabbed the camera and got a few shots to share. I LOVE the snow :) The cold came in yesterday with 30mph wind gusts all day! It was something. Not unusual though for us. Some of the road signs were bent around the poles where the wind was so strong last night. We are under wind advisory today with expected gusts up to 45mph throughout the evening. FUN! Makes for a great hair day ;) Or ponytail day that is. I do love the mountains though. You never really know what to expect with the weather here. It's great!

Yesterday, with the cold and wind, I ended up with a treadmill run at the gym (UGH!) and it felt pretty good. After I was drenched with sweat and decided to get in for a swim. The lap pool was freezing. The water temps are usually around 83 and last night were well below! I did have a good swim once I stopped trembling from the cold water! Brrr!

Today, I plan on another easy run. Trying to go easy in hopes the foot holds out for the weekend. Also, I see some sledding in the very near future for me....like tonight ;) YAY!

Pics from today's snow....
Happy Tuesday All~

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jahowie said...

You are so positive!! Most of us grumble and complain about the change of seasons. This post made me smile. :-)