Thursday, October 16, 2008


OH MY MY MY! The Presidential Debate. It was very interesting last night. My mind is already made up, but it was nice to see both sides of the issues once again. Anyway, I will not go into politics, as I know how people can get all worked about it. I know my choice, and I have all along. We need change...and that's where my vote lies.

Other than that, had a pretty good Wednesday. Got in a little over an hour on the bike yesterday after work. That was great. After the ride, went for another swim. I'm addicted to the pool these days. I just have to get in my 3 or 4 swim nights weekly. After I working out, Caleb worked on some art and then I watched the debate. Caleb has tourneys again this weekend, so once again, it looks to be a slam packed weekend. My foot is still aching so I will take another day off from running. Coach Mac seems to think plantar fasciitis. I don't know...I think that maybe it's just a small strain. I am sure that it will be fine in another day or so. Fingers crossed.....

Happy Thursday All~


Eric said...

great choice try to put Ice under your foot to see if it heel

jahowie said...

I used the advice from Vickie and put a tennis ball under the arch of my foot for massaging. It really helped. That is a great picture by the way. :-)