Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been seeing lots of compressions socks these days. I have also been reading a lot about them, and I think I just may have to get a snazzy pair. I was given a pair of med compression socks and I think that they were to tight, it wasn't a comfortable feeling. I think may invest in either the Zensah or the SLS3 Sox. Not sure which, but from what I have read, both seem to be really good.

Yesterday I was planning on a long run, but am having some pain in my foot and it made me cut my mileage down. I woke up with pain and had the local track coach here come over and wrap it for me. So far it has helped. This afternoon, I will get on the bike for a while. Nothing hard, just for relaxation and fun. I may swim again this evening as well. My body is used to the workouts even though it is "off season". I guess there never really is an off season, when you are used to working out all of the time. It's what I love :)

Happy Wednesday All~

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jahowie said...

I've seen them a lot lately too. I don't like tall socks. I can't see myself ever wearing them. Sorry about the foot pain. Let me know if you find something that helps with that. My feet hurt all the time.