Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yesterday was a looong day at work. We had an afternoon meeting and that cut into my ride for yesterday. I wasn't able to get on the bike, but I did make it to the pool for a good swim workout. Not much else to report. My legs were a little tight from Sunday's long run, but I did force myself out of bed at 5:15 am this morning, and went to spin class. Once again, April kicked our butt's! She is tough. I love it though!!!! Now that my riding will be limited due to the time changing, I will be in spin 2x a week. I am still planning on long rides on the weekends. YAY!

Also, thought I would share a couple of pics of River. She ran the whole 12 miles with me on Sunday. I think she was a little tired. No, she was definitely tired. I stopped a couple to down some liquids and both times, she would pass out on me hehe! She was a tough pup though. She stayed right with me the whole time.
A few minutes before she passed out...
And she's gone!
Sweet doggy dreaming ;)

She's a great running partner!

Happy Tuesday All~

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jahowie said...

Cute dog!! :-) Nice job kicking butt on the spin class.