Monday, September 22, 2008


WOW! Last week was busy and I have been having some major blog withdrawals ;) JK!! Last week was crazy. My job changed locations and I moved into a new office last week and that kept me really busy for two days! I love the new place though :) It's great!! I managed to work out every afternoon last week. Had some great rides and good runs. I have not been swimming as much lately. I hope to log some water time this week. I have one more Oly in less than two weeks and am quite excited about that. It will be the last one of the year :( I am still looking forward to the half marathon and the marathon that I have on the board for later in the year. YAY!

On Wednesday evening last week, I had a really nice ride up into the mountains. The temps last week were awesome. Fall is in the air and it's wonderful! I did manage to get some fun pics on the trip :) Last week was run/ride/run/ride pretty much all week!
Yesterday afternoon Caleb and I went for a hike and he sniffed out some yummies. Anyone who is from the south knows this smell!! It is VERY distinct and if you stroll through the woods in the fall, you can almost guarantee to get a whiff. It's the sweet smell of muscadine grapes. YUM! Caleb was thrilled with his find and we picked until our shirts were full! These grapes are soooo good!

All in all it was another great weekend :)

Happy Monday All~

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