Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I broke out the trail shoes yesterday! It's been a year since I have really done any off road running. After hiking some on Sunday, I got the urge to hit the trails again. I pulled out the old Adidas trail shoes and got in a great run yesterday afternoon. I didn't get out on any good trails but did get on the dirt road. I hope to get some trails in today! There are some really beautiful places to run here in the mountains. I am taking a break from the pavement for a while. It felt great running yesterday! Did I just say that?!?! I can't wait to run again!!! YUP! Can't wait! I am actually getting excited thinking about running races again.

Tonight, I will make my way back to the pool for some swimming. I was supposed to get up this morning for spin and managed to snooze right through my alarm. Last tri of the season coming up, less than 2 weeks :) YAY!

Happy Tuesday All~


edson_dias said...

your photos in the blog are beautiful.

jahowie said...

That's cool that you are enjoying your runnig again. I think that I am almost there myself. Keep up the good work. :-)