Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lance is back! I heard the news this morning and I think that it's GREAT :) He is such an inspiring individual!

AP - The 36-year-old Armstrong is breaking out of his three-year retirement and aiming to win yet another Tour de France in 2009, a move sure to shake up things across the Atlantic and give a boost to a sport that has missed its biggest star. In a formal statement Tuesday, Armstrong called his comeback an attempt to raise global awareness in his fight against cancer. Just as likely, it's also about his relentless desire to compete and win, especially at the Tour, which he won a record seven times from 1999-2005. Citing the slow pace of last year's Tour and the rush from last month's Leadville 100 race, Armstrong decided it was time to return.

"This kind of obscure bike race, totally kick-started my engine," he told Vanity Fair in an exclusive interview, referring to the lung-searing 100-mile mountain bike race through the Colorado Rockies. "I'm going to try and win an eighth Tour de France.I am happy to announce that after talking with my children, my family and my closest friends, I have decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden," Armstrong said in a statement released to The Associated Press. "It's now time to address cancer on a global level." In a video on his foundation's Web site, Armstrong said details of the comeback — such as a team and schedule — will be announced Sept. 24 at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. The 2009 Tour "is the intention," Armstrong's spokesman Mark Higgins told The Associated Press, "but we've got some homework to do over there".

Very exciting news Mr. Armstrong! As far as my day, yesterday I got in my swim and then hopped on the trainer for about an hour. It has been raining for the last couple of days. UGH! I really hope to get outside soon for a nice long ride. Other than that, typical Tuesday :) Tonight...Run. I am hoping to get in some running races this fall after tri season dies down, which unfortunately is getting soon. I have nothing for October yet, but am still hoping!

Happy Wednesday All~

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Eric said...

I wish I could share your enthusiasm. I am a Lance Armstrong fan but I feel like nothing good can come of this.