Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Céad Mile Fáilte :)

I love it again! Running that is! I really really do :) I am excited about the races that are coming up. Half marathon on Nov. 2 and marathon on Dec. 6. YAY! Of course some others in between and along the way. I love running again. I have put my focus back on running and am actually swimming and riding the bike now for fun. FUN! I got in 15 miles before dark yesterday and then swam an easy 2200m. For fun ;) Even worked with Caleb on his stroke for a while. He is getting to be a great 'lil' swimmer! Plans will not allow for a run this evening, but I am hitting the trail tomorrow!

I have been dreaming about Ireland these last few days. County Donegal Ireland to be exact. It's where my family is from :) I have never been there and really want to visit! It is a very beautiful place and I am eager to learn more about where my peeps ;) came from. Here are a few pics of Donegal Ireland. Ahh....gorgeous!

Sláinte :)
Happy Tuesday All~


jahowie said...

Beautiful pics. I've always wanted to visit Ireland. For the views and the pubs of course. ;-)

Laura said...

What marathon are you doing in December?