Thursday, August 21, 2008


Haha...look, there is a dry spot after all! So, five lbs less and twelve miles later....I was drenched! I had a great run last night, well for the most part. I had waited until the evening to try and avoid the heat. was still hot when I left at 7 pm. Also, the humidity level is really high which makes it all the more fun! Yesterday I had planned on a long run, so at work I downed five Nalgene's (about 160oz) of water. I knew how it would be with the heat! I am proud to say, I was able to successfully run (for the first time) with all four bottles in the fuel belt and not be distracted by it. I downed the four bottles of G2 on the run, sparingly. I am trying to prepare myself for the upcoming 70.3. I sweat so much (UGH) I know that I will need all the liquid I can get. Even after all the hydrating yesterday, and drinking on the run, I was still dehydrated when I finished last night. Caleb thought it was funny that I was so drenched! Also, I need to figure out this how to "fuel" thing too. I can't quite handle gels and am concerned about how to fuel up on the bike during the race. I seem to keep losing weight because of all the training also, so as I write, I am contemplating a cheeseburger and/or pizza at this very moment. I wonder if Pizza Hut delivers at 10am? I sure hope so ;) YUM!
This afternoon, weather permitting, I am planning on a long ride! Now, if I can just put the two together, I will be all set in 2 weeks! I see a loooooooooong brick in the very near future for me.

Happy Thursday All~

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jahowie said...

You sweat just like I do. I am always drenched. LOL!! Good job on the long run. I hope that you have a good long ride. Pizza at 10:00 a.m.? I see nothing wrong with that. :-)