Monday, August 11, 2008


Above pic shows delirium, that is how I felt on Saturday haha!! Well, the good news is I finished, the bad news is I finished poorly due to a shoulder injury. I had been talking about it and doing nothing about it, the shoulder pain that is. The massage on Friday morning helped, oh, for about an hour or so. Then the pain came back. Any person in their right mind may have actually pulled out from the race before hand. Nope, not me. Up at 4am and restless, I took my time and headed over to the event to get racked up and warmed up early. It was coooold. BRR! It was 50 out and quite chilly. I was excited to get into the water, seeing the steam rising from the top, I knew that it was really warm. Boy, was I right. The water temp was great. It felt good to get in, and brrr to get out. I warmed up for a little while, stretching out the shoulder. I knew on the warm up that I was going to have a problem. Also, the visibility was null. The fog and steam from the water surface was pretty thick and it made it very difficult to navigate and see the buoys. I tried to block it out and when our wave went in, reality set in. 400 meters out, the pain started. When I say pain, I cannot begin to tell you how bad my shoulder hurt with every stroke. I normally will try and breathe bilaterally, however, due to the pain in my left shoulder, was forced to breathe only from the left side the whole time. When I pulled to the right, it hurt so much worse. 800 or so in, my hamstring cramped. I think I was overcompensating with my kicks because the pain was relentless in my shoulder. I finally managed to kick though the cramp and keep going. I was far behind at this point and the wave behind was on top of me. I kept pushing my way until I reached the shore. I encountered the lovely T1 tango on the way out. My mother thought that I was starting some new happy dance or something hehe. Nope, was just loopy from the swim. I shook it out and was out of my speedsuit pretty quickly. Got on the bike and was off.

The climb out of transition was pretty harsh. As I pulled up that hill, I knew the shoulder was in for it on the bike too. I never really realized how much the shoulders were used on the bike. Yea, I found that out quickly on Saturday. The first few miles of the bike were all climb. NICE! Then, pretty much a rolling course after. Halfway through the ride, the pain was just intense. I tried to block it out by singing John Denver's "Country Roads" about 6 times...out loud hehe! When that didn't take my mind off of it, I had a conversation with my bike. We bonded really well haha! I envisioned myself as Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway talking to his volleyball 'Wilson'.

I think I even at one point I even named my bike Wilson, then changed it to Lula (more girly)Then I thought about writing a blog on the experience, one in which I could look back and laugh on. Anything to take my mind off the pain! It worked for a while. Off the bike and on the run....I was spent. The run course was more brutal than the Bear. STEEP, MASSIVE, STEEP hills. Honestly, could they give someone a break after the swibi? This is the first race where my body told me to drop out. My mind was telling me otherwise. I have to say on mile 4, I was in so much pain and was just exhausted. Mentally and physically. I pushed to the finish bringing up the rear. I pushed because I love this sport. I pushed because my heart is completely in it while training and racing. I pushed because I never give up and I never quit!

I pushed through and showed my son that when the going gets tough, the tough keep going. He ran that finish with me and I am glad that I pulled together long enough to cross the line. I cried at the end. Tears of pain, and happiness. I finished, it hurt like hell, but I finished. My shoulder was swollen and red. After a trip to the ER (mainly for pain or pain relief) I was told I had an injury. Really? Tell me something I didn't know. After getting some much needed rest and meds for pain, I took the day off on Sunday from anything physical. I rested and relaxed. The pain in the shoulder was still there. It felt like a bonfire party going on in there with a stabbing pain digging in.

I felt I needed a second opinion from my orthopedist, so luckily they saw me first thing this morning. Turns out, the ER doctor had it partially right. The diagnosis is as follows.... Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and a strained rhomboid. Double whammie. Ice, rest, anti-inflammatory's are the Rx. No swimming for 8 more days, then re-evaluation. NICE! With Patriot on the horizon, that should be interesting. I will follow docs orders though and take off for a few days. It's the only thing I can do. I can still ride and run, just nothing intense. Next time I start to hurt, I will listen more to my body. Ugh. I think I will be fine, with a little rest, for Patriots. The plan is still on go.

Thankful as always to have finished another race. Thankful as always and blessed to be able to do what I do.

Happy Monday All~


Eric said...

Congrats on hanging in there to finish.

jahowie said...

Don't feel bad. Most of us don't listen to our bodies. If we did, none of us would do half of this stuff. I hope that things improve for you.

Eric said...

great job you diid really good .... and show a lot of heart and passion. hope you do good at Patriots less than month to go

Tri*22 said...

Thanks guys! It means a lot :)