Monday, August 25, 2008


The weekend was great. I had planned on a looong brick on Saturday morning however, a couple of bike issues arose, so the workout was postponed until Sunday. I did make my way to a couple of Tri shops on Saturday though. I spent to much $, as always, but am thrilled with the 2XU
Velocity Wetsuit .
I decided to try one out and will make the purchase next week when I go back for my bike fitting. Last year at Patriots, the temps dropped enough over night to make the race wetsuit legal. Maybe that will happen again this year. I will be prepared either way, just in case :)

On Sunday I did do the long workout. The plan was a "mock" 70.3 minus the 1.2 swim. I took off on the bike and another plan was to try and fuel up (at least practice anyway) on the bike since I have trouble doing this and I know it will be crucial for the 70.3. The bike ride was great. I rode up into the mountains again. It was a great day and temps at the time were fairly low. I got a little chilly on the bike at first. I made my way up to Powderhorn Mountain again and as I started up, I went by a campsite along the river. As I approached, I saw a bear, Yes a bear..YIKES! Some campers had left their potato chip bags and things behind and the bear was just helping himself to the food. I startled him (I was startled myself) and the bear looked up at me and then he ran. Very quickly! I think the bear was more scared of me than I was of him. It really happened so fast that I had no time to really react. I was going pretty fast and he was a good 300 feet away. He turned and ran into the woods in the opposite direction. I did feel eyes on me though the whole way up Powderhorn though hehe! I am sure the bear was long gone, but you know that creepy little feeling that something is watching you? Well, I had it for sure! So, it was not more than 5 minutes after I saw Mr. Bear that I came up on a Timber Rattler. Thankfully, someone had already hit and smushed the snake. They had also removed the head and rattler. EW! I was not fortunate enough to get a pic of the bear, the action happended to quickly. But I did get a pic of the Rattler, or what was left of him. I just hope I don't come across one of these in the road ALIVE. They scare me! I did not take a pic of the full body so as not to gross you out. The head and tail were gone.The other pic is one I found on the internet to show you how scary these things look when they are alive. EW!
So back to the workout. I did get in 52 on the bike. I realized about mile 40 I had not been fueling. UGH! It's so hard for me to A- Eat when I am not hungry B-Eat when I am working out. I have to make myself do it. So, I started cramming fig newtons in my mouth. Still can't do the gels (exept PowerBar Power Gel) It was my first experience with newtons on the bike and I have to say, I have now found my primary fuel source hehe. I had no trouble eating them or stomaching them! YAY! Problem solved ( I think) I will keep practicing the bike picnics.

After my long ride, I hopped off and took a 5 minute transition. Grabbing some iced tea on the way hehe. So, off on the run. WOW! The first 3 miles were HARD! My legs felt a little like that video of Julie Moss trying to make her way to the finish in Kona back in the day. After mile 3 though, it started to come together. I ran faster after the 52 mile bike than I did on fesh legs this past Thursday. Hmm....weird? Anyway, I made it 10 miles and my body told me to STOP! It was so hot out by this time and I was soaked with sweat. So, I got in 62 miles total yesterday. Not to bad. I am sure that I can go the extra in 11 days to finish up at Patriots happily!

Tonight I will put in some pool time once again. Shoulder is much better now and I am hoping that it holds up for the long swims. Patriots is getting so close :)

One week after Patriots I have another Oly. YAY!

Happy Monday All~


Eric said...

Great work out this week crucial on our training for th Patriots I bike 40 miles on friday 22 on Staurday and did the Annpolis 10 miler. Today going to the pool and focuisnin on every race detail for the rest of the week. Next weekend I am going do some good trainig and tapper 4 days before the event.
get a bentobox for the cookies its help a lot
Good luck on training

Eric said...

I don't have a wetsuit, but I like the other 2XU gear :-)

jahowie said...

Great job on the workout. You are really going about this in a good way with the practice runs. I'm glad that you found a good fuel source. :-) Be careful out there with the bears and snakes.