Thursday, July 31, 2008


When I grow up....I want to be like Dara Torres. SERIOUSLY!! The woman is amazing. I think it's absolutely thrilling to have a 41 year old woman be able to achieve, and quite frankly spank her younger competitors. It is very inspiring to see a "middle age" mother go the distance. Very inspiring! Also, I think it's quite sad to see that so many people think that she is doping. It's unfortunate that just because she is "older" that people think that she has less ability and has to dope to get there. I will tell you, without a doubt, I could not have done, would not have been committed to triathlon in my 20's. I have always been an athlete, however, I am not sure that my body then, could handle multi sport like it can now. Everyone is different though. I have always been a swimmer, and I seem to get stronger, not weaker, as I age. I have a friend, whom I admire to the utmost, tell me that we get stronger as we get older and that our bodies are able to handle much more as we age. That is why so many people in their 30's and 40's do well in multi sport. He should know, he is 42, has a Ph.D in Exercise Science and is a 6x ironman, qualified and competed in Kona 2x. He continues to race and astound the younger competitors locally. The guy is a powerhouse and is still going strong. I believe it. ( Michellie Jones, Wellington, Macca, Craig Alexander, Lessing, Reed, the list goes on and on and on) Yea, I believe it! Kudos to the 20 somethings that compete...and a big WAHOO to the 30+ that do! I know I feel great, everyday, living and loving this sport!

I will never look back when I am 80 and say "what if". I can guarantee that! Heck, I may be 70+ and still going strong like Sister Madonna ;) Wouldn't that be great? HEHE!

On a side note....yesterday, I had a grrreat swim. I swam 800 meters yesterday morning and last night 2000 meters. I honestly wanted to keep swimming, however, the pool was closing and they forced me out. It was an awesome swim. Everything felt gooood last night in the water. Tonight, if the weather cooperates, plan on bike/run brick. I need it! 8 more days...yippee!

Life is short... live it, love it, own it!

Happy Thursday All~


Nick said...

Yep, Dara is awesome. You're never too old to achieve amazing things if you believe it's possible and are willing to put in the work. You have to want it!

jahowie said...

I could use your help with my swimming. Nice job!! Yes, she is amazing. She is a big inspiration, and I hope that she does well in Beijing.