Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well, that is the name of the ride that I did today and let me tell you, it DID hurt, yes,there was pain and oh my, there was agony...but I enjoyed every minute of it. Which were many hehe! The morning started out with a 5:30 am wake up call...UGH! Had to get there EARLY because silly me didn't get registered in time online. So, got there, registered and had to visit the porta pottie.....EWWW! Please see earlier blog post on my thoughts, rather fears of the porta loo's! Seriously, they are just plain disgusting. Got the bike all ready, talked with a few friends and 8am the gun went off. I was a bit nervous because I knew what was ahead of me. The first 10 miles were solid climb. Two of the hills on the course were steep 18% grade and according to the course's the equivalent of a Category 2 climb in the Tour de France. OH MY! There were people pushing their bikes, carrying their bikes, anything they could to get up those monstrous hills. It was something!! I panted my way through somehow though. Breathing was virtually impossible it seemed for at least 3 miles. I am proud to report that I did not have to use the inhaler ONCE! Woot woot!! On the last steep climb, painted on the road was, HURT and few feet farther...PAIN...a few more feet AGONY. I actually giggled somehow at the sight of that, but it was oh so true! After cresting that last hill....we had a nice downhill for about 3 miles. The rest was a rolling course. There were many hills, some tough, but not nearly as brutal as the first few miles. I met some new people, which I always love to do. I ended up pulling a guy about 4 miles or so...he was relentless on my back tire. I managed to pay him back with a later draft for a couple of miles, and ended up passing him for the finish to. Muahahaha! We had a fine feast after the ride. I just could not get enough liquids in me. I lost a lot on the ride...sweat was dripping off my face for the longest time, and my glasses were just a mess of steam and sweat. What a great morning. The weather was beautiful and temps were great. It was an awesome ride and it felt good (for the most part hehe)

I managed later this afternoon to get in a good 10 mile run. Trying to pick it up for the 1/2 iron which is coming up in 5 weeks. My legs worked great. It was actually a pretty decent run! I was surprised because with lack of sleep and the ride this morning, I thought I may have a rough go.

Wow...I need to get in bed now. I have a 7 am open water swim in the morning and am now running on empty at 12:29. YIKES! I need to get in bed earlier! I sooo have to work on that!


jahowie said...

You rode 18% grade hills on a metric century and then ran 10 miles?!?! You are a beast!! LOL!! It sounds like a fun ride though. I'm glad that you had a great time.

BTW....I feel the same way about port-a-potties. I avoid them at all cost.

Tri*22 said...

Eww yes, those porta johns are quite frightning to time, I find a tree HAHA!

Nick said...

That's some harcore riding. Great job! From the sound of it I would love that course. And those were some beautiful pictures from Colorado. You're having an awesome summer!

Eric said...

Wow....18% grade.....that's a mother!!!