Friday, June 13, 2008


Yesterday I met with a 6x Ironman and 2x Kona qualifier and finisher about the prospect of some future coaching. During our conversation, he looks over at me and says..."You know, triathlon is an art". WOW! I have never heard that from anyone. I haven't ever really thought if it that way. What a motivating statement!! Triathlon is my passion, my art. I love what I do each and every day. I love training, I love racing. I love every aspect of it. This is an to speak. One that we train everyday for, to create our masterpiece. I never quite thought of it this way, but it is a really neat way to look at it. I will never forget that statement. Isn't that great?

Ok, so looks like Boonen is out of the Tour de France. I am so disappointed with his behavior and I guess that serves him right. To bad Tommeke!!! Maybe next time he will think about the consequences of his actions before he engages in stupid behavior.

Now... I have 2 weeks until my next tri. I am excited and sooo ready!! On Wednesday afternoon I had a really hard ride on some pretty nice hills, and then was at a 5:45 am class yesterday morning for an all out spin session. NICE! It felt good...well with the exception of some pretty tight quads. I pool swam last night. It was a good swim...felt great! I really prefer open water though. Even with the snakes and all hehe! I am taking the day off today for some much needed R&R! Tomorrow I will be back on the lake. YAY!

Happy Weekend All :)

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