Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, let me preface by saying I am VERY thankful to be able to do what I can. Always! I had a great workout yesterday. I actually did a run/bike brick and I could not have asked for a better workout.

On a second note...when I was at the pool on Monday, there was a 7 year old little girl there as well. She was walking poolside with the assistance of a walker. She could barely move her little legs. You know what though? That child had the most beautiful smile on her face. She is happy. I later found out she has cerebral palsy and is one of the happiest girls in her school. Seeing her smiling face made me stop and pause for a moment. I have to say that the zest for life does not come from being the prettiest or best looking, or the best athlete, or having tons of money. It comes from within...much deeper that any of those things. Sometimes we can get discouraged if we have a bad workout, or a slow race, but really shouldn't we all be GRATEFUL that we can do what we do? That child inspired me. I am very thankful that I can compete in this sport. That I am healthy, and can do the things that I so dearly love. As I am sure that the little girl is happy and thankful as well, to be alive and probably much stronger in many ways that most people may never recognize. I just wanted to share the story. I have and will continue to see that smiling face in my mind.

Have a great day all~

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