Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hooked for Life

On Saturday I woke up at 5:30 and was ready to go. I arrived at the event at 6:30 and it was a little chilly out. Got my bike racked up and everything out for transition. Got inked and tagged and was ready. There were some people warming up in the pool. I decided not to do this. I was ready at that point. So anxious. So, the swim began. Unfortunately pool swim triathlons are not my gig. I was seeded incorrectly and it did affect my swim. I had to make my way through the pool (which by the way was crammed with swimmers every 10 seconds going both ways in each lane) So, had to use extra effort to try and pass every few seconds and all the while getting kicked in the face or punched by the swimmers coming in the opposite direction. UGH! It did tire me out more than the norm though having to pass and get a physical beating while doing so. Next time I do a pool swim tri, I will make sure to be seeded properly.
Ok, so out of the pool and a quick run down stairs (yes, down wet steps...interesting) I had to actually hold the rail as to not slip and fall and bust my A$$. Had a really quick T1 and was off on the bike. Right away I felt great. I rode aero for most of the course which I love. Only been trying out my areo bars for a few weeks but it feels so much better to me and have had no problems with it at all. Oh my, MR remember my first time with aero bars hmmm...interesting & scary haha!!! It didn't take long though to get used to this position. So, the bike was great and the weather couldn't have been better. The course was actually quite scenic. It was a hilly course through the country. I really enjoyed that! Also, I have become accustomed to the taste of Accelerade. It grew on me for some reason rather quickly hehe! Oh, but please keep the GU! I cannot and will not ever be able to stomach that stuff. Seriously?!?!

Off the bike, into T2 and ready for the run! T2 was not as quick for some reason for me. So, shoes on and ready for the run. My legs were a little numb for a while which actually proved to be a good thing. The run felt good. All of it! AND most importantly I could actually breathe which resulted in a faster, better run for me. I think it has all finally started to come together and I am so thankful! So, the last 1/4 mile really gave it my all. I crossed the finish and I had never felt better. I loved each and every second of it all. My time was not as great as I had hoped for. I did get a big 4th in may age group. I was hoping for 2nd at least...maybe next go round though. After all, this was my first Triathlon. And I have to say, I am hooked for life. Next one is Iron Girl in a few weeks. This is one I will do even better in, I am sure of it. I have taken a few days off and now am ready to get back in the game. Saturday was a great day! I met a lot of new and interesting people...all of whom are just as obsessed with the sport as I am. What could be better than that??

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