Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fear the Loo

Fear the LOO--- SERIOUSLY?!

Ok, not your typical subject but after a funny conversation with a friend on this topic, we came to the agreement and conclusion that Porta-Potty's are well...just plain disgusting.

Some interesting facts about the John... muahahahaha! A portable toilet, also known as a 'porta-potty', is a modern, portable, self-contained outhouse manufactured of molded plastic in a variety of colors and are often used as a temporary toilet for construction sites and large social gatherings. Portable toilets are referred to colloquially as port-a-john, port-o-let, sani-privy, port-a-san, porta-potty, tidy john, toi-toi, shit-shack, porta-kybo. OK, whatever you call them, one word describes them best... NASTY! Seriously!! These things were in Richmond at Du Nats and ewww. My, my, my...people please, On est prie de laisser ce lieu aussi propre qu'on le trouve-"Please leave this place as clean as you find it" I am having horrible flashbacks of the blue loo's that were in VA haha! Ok, from now on I am on porta loo strike...I think next time, I will most definitely find a tree :)

Happy Hump Day All~

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