Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 Bowls Of Triathlon Soup to Go Please!

Ok...so I read that Triathlon soup consists of 95-98% water (basic endurance training) and 2-5% condiments and other ingredients (tempo units the spice of the soup) YEA YEA! I get it. Confessional time here...I have been training to much. There! I said it! Reality checkaUGH! Seems I have gone from quality to quantity. It is the quality that matters after all! I read an interesting article that said "Exercise as you feel". Well, I have not listened to my body and have bricked on days that my body was screaming obscenities at me for not taking a break. I can't repeat the words, but trust me when I say, they were harsh hehe! So, yesterday I felt it. It all caught up with me! Right there, smack dab in the middle of my run! Now, I am one who once I make a commiment, I stick with it. No matter what! It's just my way. I had promised myself a good brick workout yesterday and I just couldn't do it. Um, another reality checkaa Ok, so I got a little frustrated! A lot frustrated. By the way, thanks Matt for listening to me whine :) I finally accepeted the fact that I need a rest. My body is feeling most gracious today too. YAY! Ok, so here's the deal. Yesterday, doesn't even really count as a workout, so today I am going to run. Nothing major. I am off the bike at least until tomorrow. The race in VA is this weekend and I need to rest up a little. Next week I will be back into my swimming routine which I have missed soooo much this week. So, back at it but in a different manner this go round. I know what I want to do, know how to get there and just have to make sure and keep my wits about it all. To become a better athlete, TRIATHLETE, is what is important to me. I see my goals ahead and they are getting closer. It will happen, I just need to have a little patience which is so hard for an Aries ;) All is good, life is grand! I'll keep on keeping on...because it's what I love~

Good Day All :)

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